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Carpet Cleaning Parkland

At Carpet Cleaning Parkland we specialize with any type of job from residential to commercial, from condominium to high rise buildings, our workers are skilled certified and reliable and will never let you down. And at Carpet Cleaning Parkland we will make sure whatever your goal is to be fulfilled with full customer satisfaction and we will not rest until the client is happy, because who wouldn’t want a beautiful glowing carpet in their home.


Steam Cleaning Method

At Carpet Cleaning  Parkland we only use green products without any harsh chemicals, making it safe for animals and children, and safe for the environment.

The professionals at Carpet Cleaning Parkland specialize in all types of carpeting. From Berber, Builder, and Cut-Pile carpets, to Commercial, Woven carpet and Area Rugs. Don’t risk damaging your carpet by cleaning it yourself or renting your own machine, call the experts at Carpet Cleaning .

Our truck-mounted machines are perfect for homes and large areas. It has a very high suction power, and very high temperature of 220 Fahrenheit to break soil and to toast all bacteria. For apartments and high-rise buildings we use a powerful industry-leading portable steam-cleaning unit. No matter which machine we use, our techniques and equipment leave your carpets dry in 2-4 hours. We consider ourselves as the most honest and reliable professional carpet steam cleaning company in Parkland and in any surrounding ar

 Spot Cleaning

In carpets you can have two different categories you can have a damage and a stain, damages are a problem, stains can be fixed although some more easier than others, stains have 3 factors to help remove it, the content that stained, the fabric that it stained, and the duration of how long the stain was in the fabric. At Carpet Cleaners Parkland we specialize at getting rid of common household stains like red stains, coffee stains, wine stains and more.

Commercial Carpet Cleaning

At Parkland Carpet Cleaning we also have service for commercial accounts from banks to offices, plazas, property management, and more. The cleaning process by a commercial carpet is different than residential carpet, because the commercial carpet most of the time it is glued to the sub-flooring, which would mean there is no padding which would mean it dries quicker. Unlike the residential carpet which is attached to the edges or placed with pressure into a small space by the wall which mean it has padding, and would take longer to dry. So the cleaning process would differ from the regular residential carpet.


We serving the following zip codes 33067, 33073, 33076

Living Room Cleaning Package

Carpet Cleaning Parkland expertly steam cleans carpets, upholstery, and drapes. At the request of our clients, we’ve bundled all three cleaning services into one low cost living room cleaning package. No matter what type of flooring or furniture, Carpet Cleaning Parkland steam cleans all carpet and any type of upholstered furniture. Call us today for your free estimate on living room steam cleaning.

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